Is it just me, or is does it seem like the temperature’s setting in to get warmer, or like the weather all over the world is going crazy, while Congress’ response has been tepid? Right. Just me, then. And on that note, I bring you the latest updates on our species’ ongoing attempt to commit suicide by mass starvation, flooding, droughts, and disease, as well as the ongoing attempts by others to prevent that from happening.

Prominent climate scientist, Dr. James Hansen, says no more new coal, please, as he travels to Iowa to raise grassroots awareness of the seriousness of our climate crisis.

A ski resort installs its own wind turbine, which should generate 60% of its electricity needs and pay for itself in seven years.

Youth climate activists consider drawing a line in the sand and refusing to support proposed solutions to climate change that are going to continue damaging the environment.

Al Gore double dog dared people to protest for climate sanity, but there are those who’ve gone so far as to get themselves arrested for it, or glue themselves to buildings over it, and others are fresh from holding regional climate convergence conferences to coordinate strategies and challenge the energy companies. Some of us, Mr. Gore, are paying attention, I swear.

Cities could fight the climate crisis by supporting privately operated, low-cost bike rental stations to cut the need for cars. Don’t say it too loudly, but they’re trying it in Europe. Where, for example, Switzerland is losing GDP, and will be every year hereafter, over climate changes that are hitting the high altitude nation harder than their lowland counterparts.

Is the environmental movement succumbing to testosterone poisoning?

Global warming is spreading flesh-eating disease. Umm, ewwwww.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s new film, The 11th Hour, covers the perilous situation in which we find ourselves.

Climate change is devastating East African wildlife, killing off Scottish birds and expanding favorable mosquito conditions. Yay, malaria!

George Bush wants to be taken seriously as an ‘honest broker’ for climate change strategies. That can’t be right, though. As superficial gigs go, it has no compelling costume for our intrepid Commander Codpiece to parade around in. His advisors will never convince him to do it.

Climate change is a social justice issue, with the poor in developing nations bearing the brunt of the bad effects, and facing severe hunger as their crop yields are projected to drop due to weather disruption faster than even genetic modification could improve them.

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