I only watched the first 4 seconds of the war crminal Bush’s speech.  I already knew the lies he was going to tell: the surge is working, he will listen to the military and do what they recommend (well okay, only the sycophants like Petraeus who will say what Bush wants to hear), we will stand down when they stand up, staying in Iraq is the key to fighting al Qaeda because al Qaeda is in Iraq.  

I also knew the lies he had already told beginning with the misreprentations of what had already happened in Iraq between 1991 and 2003.

*WMD in Iraq.   No, war criminal George, the containment of the inspection regime and our no fly zones was working and Clinton had actually destroyed most of them in the Desert Fox operation that Republicans called a disgraceful attempt to deflect attention from their honorable pursuit of blow jobbery inspired impeachment.

*They’ll welcome us as liberators.  No, War Criminal Bush, thanks to your daddy’s call for Shiite and Kurdish rebellion against Saddam when he had 500,000 troops in southern Iraq and his immoral and criminal failure to use those troops to support the rebellion that in fact occurred, Iraqis tend to believe that whatever comes out of a Bush mouth is bullshit.  Now 2/3rds of Americans realize that truth.

*We’ll be in and out and Iraq will pay for the reconstruction.  Well, war criminal President Bush, you intrepid denouncer of nation buiding and craven accuser of Clinton for over extending our military through nation building in the Balkans, you missed that one too.

It’s just too fucking depressing to list all the bullshit spewed by the war criminal Bush to go any futher.  So just one last comment.  In my profession we have a little mantra: “past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior.”  Applied to the war criminal Bush, we can see that the cowardly hiding behind General Petraeus to avoid being held accountable for lying to start a war and then being too incompetent to both have a strategy and implement one is simply an extension of the young war criminal Bush hiding behind his father’s influence to avoid the draft by getting unfairly placed into a National Guard unit and then by dodging even that service when it became apparent he would have to submit to drug testing.  

Here’s what a speech offered by a President with courage would have said.  The war in Iraq will be long because of consequences of failure are grave.  The decisions and policies that got us there are mine alone.  We will all have to sacrifice.  Therefore I am asking Congress to initiate a draft.  We can no longer expect the poorest segments of our country (those who join the volunteer services) to make all of the sacrifice for benefits that only the wealthiest few enjoy.  I am encouraging my own children and the children of all member of Congress and of Senators to enlist tomorrow.

Instead, the cowardly, war criminal Bush hid behind Petraeus and Crocker after making sure that they would say what he wanted to hear.  

Instead of the war criminal’s speech, I watched the HBO special produced by James Gandolfini about wounded vets from Iraq.  It was heartbreaking and infuriating.  The sacrifice of these fine young people is not worth one ounce of the profit that the war criminal Bush will gain by the increase in the price of a barrell of oil.  That the war criminal Bush will profit by their sacrifice is only one of the many reasons why I will only refer to this person as a war criminal from last night until the day I take my last breath.  

Impeach.  But Cheney first.

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