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In the future, I intend to bring on guests of all stripes, political and otherwise; we needn’t be all politics all the time, y’know. Personally, I’d like to get Arthur Gilroy on to talk about his jazz passion; considering all those legends with whom he’s played, AG ought to have more than a few fascinating anecdotes to share, don’t you think? (So, AG — what do you say? You wanna be a guest on a future MLW Talk Radio episode?)

I’m also open to ideas about other guests, so if you’ve got someone you’d like to hear as a guest — or if you’d like to be a guest yourself,, contact me about it:


On today’s episode, which will be an hour long, as the show will be henceforth, I intend to talk about left wing/liberal values: what they are now as opposed to what they’ve historically been understood to be, how they compare to the so-called “values” of the right wing/”conservatives” of today — that sort of thing.

Given the frenetic and nervous pace of last week’s show, I’m expecting to be a lot more relaxed this week; since we have a whole hour, there’ll be no need to rush things. And since we got the “bad dress rehearsal” out of the way, I’m expecting a pretty damned good show.

But who knows — hey, it could be a disastrous bomb! THAT’LL give the PFFers some MORE about which to crow — I’m ALL about the generosity, man.

Now if someone could just bring me a six pack of Diet Coke, we’re all set.

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