Sure, the media is obsessed with trashing Obama or Clinton, depending on the week or sound byte that can be taken out of context and twisted to insinuate that Democrats hate America or love terrorists or whatever other utter horseshit that they can conjure up to distract from the fact that John McCain is dangerous, or contradictory or just a flat out liar.

But the corporate media as well as McSame himself are just two pieces in a larger puzzle – the one to keep “The Base” happy and wealthy. We can hear lie after hyperbole after projection about how the Democrats are weak or that Hamas wants McCain to lose or that Osama secretly cast his ballot in 2004 for Kerry.

We know that is all nonsense – and that thankfully, many more Americans are waking up to that fact as well. And with a growing number of Americans thinking that the 2000, 2002 and 2004 elections were stolen, not to mention the US Attorney purge, the Justice Department’s gaming the system from the inside, illegal redistricting, illegal phone jamming, voter ID laws that serve to suppress likely Democratic voters and FEC Commissioners who have a history of illegal partisan voter suppression, it isn’t like there is ample evidence that republicans steal elections – and that is before you even get to the hanging chads”, questionable SCOTUS decisions and Diebold hacking.

By nearly all accounts, McCain is a horrific candidate and a horrible choice for President or Commander in Chief. His own party thinks he is crazy. The fundamentalist radical clerics who run his party don’t trust him. His voting record against the troops and veterans is astonishing. I could go on and on – of course, there is this picture, which says it all about McCain’s priorities during Hurricane Katrina:


Even in a country that has as many racist and sexist idiots as this one, Obama or Clinton should kick the crap out of McCain in November, and his lack of inspiration down ticket should result in larger than normal gains for Democrats in Congress, even with the lack of a spine or complicity by too many in the current Congressional Majority. But frankly, none of that matters much if the truth about McCain gets repeated to enough people so that it won’t even be as close as it should be come November.

We know that all McSame has to do is grill up some ribs and the corporate media will treat him with kid gloves.. It will cover up the fact that he either doesn’t know the difference between al Qaeda Sunnis and Iran’s Shiites, or that he is lying about it. It will excuse the hate filled racist or bigoted remarks from those whose endorsement he chased. It will gloss over his very real ties to Charles Keating, while harping on some nonexistant tie between Obama and Rezko, or the nonstory that Whitewater should have been all along. It will talk incessantly about what Michelle Obama or Bill Clinton said while ignoring Cindy McCain’s stealing painkillers from a veterans charity. It will harp on Clinton’s tax return or Obama’s charitable contributions while allowing Cindy McCain to hide her fortune that is funding John’s entire political career.

Oh yeah, very few people actually like John McCain, want to vote for him or want to see him as President.

He is just the latest cog in the republican party corporate money war upward distribution of wealth machine and he must be stopped. He must continuously be exposed for the sham that he is. He must be exposed for the neoconservatives and lobbyists he surrounds himself with and the religious extremists who he panders to. His comments about not knowing much about the economy, about staying in Iraq for 100 years, for “bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran”.

He can’t get close enough to Obama or Clinton by November – he is so much worse than either of them on so many levels that a close race shouldn’t even be a consideration (even with each candidate’s flaws).

Now is the time to start hitting him hard, and consistently.

Forcefully and repeatedly.

There is no reason to wait – primary or no primary. Even after the Democrats get a nominee, the media won’t do nearly the job they should do.

The longer we wait, the closer the race will be. And we can’t let it get close enough that they can steal it for a 4th time in 8 years, and the third straight Presidential race.

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