My Fellow Americans,

Now is the time.  Patriotism has become a bad word.  The true meaning has become muddled.  Can we “Support the Troops” by putting a sticker on our personal trucks?  Can we love our country by shopping a bit more and amassing a little more debt?  Can we make ourselves safer by ignoring our neighbors, building higher fences, forsaking those who are different than ourselves?  Is blind trust in a strong but ignorant leader guided by faith enough?

Not anymore.

There is a new movement on the horizon.  And I’m not talking about helping a dedicated, visionary leader register more voters, help get health care for more americans and stop an illegal war while ending tourture.

I’m not even talking about a gas-tax holiday or setting an arbitrary limit of 100 years on our Iraq adventure or using up our inventory of bombs on Iraq.

I’m talking about wearing a minimum of 2 flag lapel pins for every american man woman and child.  And more. Wear 6 or 8. Put jackets on your dogs, cats and ferrets and have them wear flag pins too!

More pins.  Just do it.

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