After reading the thread of BooMan’s misogyny/sexism post, I was impressed by the quality of the comments left there, but I also became curious as to the composition of the site’s members, vis-a-vis a number of parameters. I’d have liked to do a poll to find out who is who in terms of gender, race, ethnicity, candidate preference, educational level, etc. The problem I have is that the Scoop technology at the site doesn’t allow for multiple answers to polls, or to multiple polls in one post. So, I can’t do the anonymous polling thing here to satisfy my curiosity/snoopiness.

Instead I’d like to ask all our readers, whether regulars, lurkers, occasional fly-bys, what have you, to volunteer answers to the following questions, if, and only if, you are willing to do so:

1. Your Race or Ethnicity, i.e., African American, Hispanic American, East Asian American, Native American, Arab American, Indian American, White American (WASP, Scot, German, Irish, Italian, Eastern European, Scandinavian, or Mixed) or multiracial.

2. Gender (male, female or transgender)

3. Sexual Orientation (Hetero, Gay or bisexual).

4. Marital Status (Married, Never Married, Single but previously married, Divorced but remarried) Also if you are, or have ever been married to a person other than your own race or ethnicity.

5. Religious Beliefs (including agnosticism or atheism)

6. Children?

7. Favored Candidate, including first choice, and current choice.

8. Political Affiliation (GOP, Democrat, Green, Independent, or Other)

9. Education Level

10. Career/Work History

You can answer as many or few questions as you like, whatever makes you comfortable. To start things off, here are my answers:

1. White, mixed — 1/2 German (including German Jewish Great-great grandmother) from great grandparents who immigrated to America in late 1800’s, and 1/2 the following: English, French, Irish, Scot and maybe Welsh with one English ancestor that immigrated to US around 1700.

2. Male.

3. Hetero.

4. Married 3 times, divorced twice, currently married to a Japanese American woman (nisei).

5. Reared as Missouri Synod Lutheran, now a cross between Unitarian/Buddhist/Christian with a deep streak of agnosticism.

6. Two children, one male (College age) and one female (Middle School age).

7. Started as Kucinich supporter, moved to Edwards, then moved to Obama. Never a Clinton supporter (she’s been my Senator and I voted for her, but I was too disappointed in her Senate career to ever want to see her as president).

8. Independent (though I primarily vote for Democratic or Green candidates).

9. Highest level of education I achieved was a law degree, referred to as a J.D. Also received a B.S in psychology from my undergraduate college.

10. Lawyer (retired early due to chronic medical condition) with practice areas in bankruptcy, banking, corporate and health services law. Previous employment as restaurant dishwasher, stock clerk, Candy factory janitor (my only Union job), Fry cook, Pizza delivery person, Residential Child Care counselor for emotionally disturbed adolescents, Taxi driver, and hospital pharmacy tech.

Well, now I’ve showed you mine, what about you?

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