Last night, on the PBS Newshour, they had an appropriate July 4th interview, especially in these times of two occupations:
Marine, Author Reflect on Honoring Fallen Comrades You can read the transcript and more at that link.

Author Jim Sheeler and U.S. Marine Corps Lt. Col. Steve Beck talk about Sheeler’s book, “Final Salute,” which chronicles the Marines who notify families about the death of their loved ones during war and provide support as families cope with their loss.

You can listen with this link or link at site page above.

There is also a Slide Show: Beck Discusses the Photos that Have Become Icons of the Cost of War, with a non-flash version.

You can visit this interview from March 21, 2006
NewsHour Poetry Series: The Returning Dead with links to view or listen.

As Of July 2 2008, There Are 87 Pages w/5 ‘Silent Honor Rolls’ Each, Number Of KIA’s Varies With Each ‘Silent Honor Roll’;
Many now have numbers in the teens and twenties
In Honor – In Memory

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