Update [2008-9-7 22:37:22 by BooMan]: [Originally posted by Chris on Wed Jan 10th, 2007 at 12:35:49 AM EST. Seemed appropriate to remind everyone]

I’m only doing this because BooMan looked me straight in the eye a few hours ago and told me he wanted me to. Dumb ass or fool? You decide.

For the sake of Democracy and accountability and all that is good in the world, I try to stay away from the baby animal pictures, but I’m just too weak. Quite clearly, I’m just too weak. Anyway, I knew all about the cuteness of baby pandas and kittens, but holy shit, have a look at these moose!




This does bring up an important point, however. Whenever a conversation about moose occurs, it’s absolutely imperative that somebody say “moose are no joke” before the conversation is done. The life you save just might be your own.

When they were much younger, my niece and nephew referred to my brother, Bruce, as Moose. They would say “Mooooooooooose” and then laugh and laugh hysterically, until they were finally reminded by a sober minded village elder that moose are no joke. As smart children, they understood this immediately and would spend the next several hours in quiet, somber reflection. May your village elders be so wise and the children of your siblings so docile.

Cross Posted from Suburban Guerrilla, where I seem to occur from time to time despite my clear lack of suburban credentials. This is an open thread. Feel free to stop thinking about Bob Casey.

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