Good to see Joe Biden mixing it up with the Cheeseheads and giving Philly fans their due as the aggressive thugs that they are. I think I just won my fantasy game by one tenth of a point when Bernard Berrian got tackled for a seven-yard gain instead of a nine-yard gain. If so, it’s a miracle that was also aided by the injury of Tom Brady. All football fans should be sorry to see Brady go down and lose a season of his prime.

In any case, Biden asked the people of Green Bay if they want more of McSame:

“Name me a single issue that affects your life — jobs, health care, education, energy — where McCain and Palin disagree with the president,” Biden told a crowd of about 700. “If you liked the last eight years, you’ll like the next four years of a McCain-Palin administration, because there is no fundamental change.”

Only a masochist, or someone in the top income bracket suffering from sociopathic lack of empathy, would want a McCain-Palin administration. From Wisconsin, Biden traveled to Des Moines:

DES MOINES, IA — Returning to what he called his “second political home,” Biden today echoed Obama’s refrain questioning whether Republicans think the American people are stupid enough to believe they offer change.

“I find it absolutely fascinating that John McCain and the Republican Party are claiming the mantle of change now,” he said during a rally at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. “After eight years of abject failure in our foreign policy. After eight years of turning their back on average Americans. After eight years of accumulating debt that is drowning the next generation, all of the sudden John and his Republican running mate are going to change the culture of Washington?”

Biden will appear at Missouri University tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin is still afraid to campaign on her own without her puppet-master McCain pulling her strings.

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