I remember when I was young, hearing guys coming home from VietNam always referring to it as being “In Country.”

“In Country” explained everything I didn’t understand, and nothing. You see, there are different rules In Country and almost anything goes. Spying, assassinations, special ops, whole villages with kids and grandparents. It explained the constant alert too, always feeling like you had to look over your shoulder, cuz “In Country” the boogie man behind you was fucking real, man, and would kill you as soon as look at you. “In Country” you could die of a simple infection, there were no doctors, and people were starving, and no one could drink the dirty ass water. Not to mention the poison clouds that made “In Country” leave lingering deaths at home. No jobs, no future, nothing but death on the horizon, our GI’s as hopeless as the “gooks” they were fighting. It was through the looking glass, and I saw the eyes of the men who lived through it. Empty, and Aware.

Welcome. You no longer need to leave your couch, dudes.

You ARE “In Country” here and now.

We have ramped up to a Police State, where they can come right in your homes and drag you away. We have NORTHCOM for a while now, meaning our own troops are deployed against US “In Country.” We had Cheney trying to deploy them in Buffalo, and now Obama trumping them up for the Swine Flu. NSPD51 has not been repealed, and our military, not just our spooks are now spying on us, on Peace Activists. We have no Health Care, we have no choice. There is poison in everything around us, and they are using as a Guinea Pigs for untested shots so the Playah’s can make their money, money that is our taxes, shots that may maim or kill us… but of course they have immunity. Kind of like the Pigs in Washington who sent them to VietNam.

You may not be fully aware, little froggies, but the boil is on, the mass graves are at the ready, and you are…

In Country.

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