In reference to BooMan’s front page story – Declare the War on Terror Over.

The foolish escapades of US Forces in Afghanistan – Iraq – Afghanistan and back home has succeeded in spreading the threat of terror across the globe. In addition, the situation has been aggravated  by the ignorant admirers of the State of Israel, its Armed Forces and the heavy-handed treatment of the the Palestinian people in the occupied territories. All US war crimes have been mirrored to the IDF and IAF: imprisonment, mall teatment, torture, targeted killings with collateral damage (innocent civilians). Abu Ghraib, Fallujah, Guantanamo Bay and drone bombing are illustrations of these crimes. Remember, there was no Al-Qaeda in Iraq. Al-Qaeda are Sunni fighters and responsible for suicide attacks and car bombings. We now have Al-Qaeda fighting in Syria, Northern Lebanon, Mali, Erithrea, Somalia, Nigeria and indeed Yemen. As long as the Western powers are allied to the Arabian oil fields of Qatar, UAE, Bahrein, Oman and Saudi Arabia they are exporting terror across the globe. These wealthy sheiks were responsible for funding the 9/11 attacks and most terror bombings from London, Madrid, Marocco, Nigeria, Syria, Yemen, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and upto the Philippines.

One single example how the funding is done to Omar Bakri, kicked out of England for hate preaching, received a life sentence for terror support in Lebanon and I watched him today preaching hatred in the city of Tripoli while funding and arming Al-Qaeda insurgents crossing the border with Syria to wreck havoc with assassinations and bombings. The Obama administration with Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice up front encouraging the downfall of the Baathist regime in Syria. I never thought I have to admit Putin and Hu Jintao advocate Realpolitik.

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Vladimir Putin and Hu Jintao meet in Beijing (Beta/AP)

Dream on guys, call it quits on the War on Terror and you’ll awaken with the next horrendous attack on the US.

The Chinese government are making huge investments across Eastern Europe, African agricultural belt and in South America. China will evolve this century into the next great empire taking care of its population with sufficient food supply, oil and gas resources and precious metals (investing in Afghan mines).

"But I will not let myself be reduced to silence."

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