The following is a link an interview with Peter Kornbluh, a National Security Archive Senior Analyst

My interest has been that we consider all the information before us. Foreign policy, the subject of tonight’s presidential debate, is a subject that affects every aspect of our lives, from our economy to our individual shared values.

The link I am forwarding in my opinion has considerations which are of utmost importance for us and our children.  I am unhappy with our use of drones and other aspects of our present foreign policy.  However, I am afraid that the policies promised by a John McCain or a Mitt Romney are even more bellicose and dangerous to both our own economic and personal security, as well as the security of the world.  We talk about the economic risks associated with Social Security and Medicare which pale in comparison to the costs of a hubris foreign policy leading us into preemptive wars.  Just imagine how our debt and economy would look like if we had not preemptively invaded Iraq and had a devastating war in Afghanistan.

Diplomacy is not only more moral, it also is cheaper.