On  Booman’s most recent gloating article regarding the imminent demise of the Ratpublican Party (Feeding the Crazy to the Stupid) Tien Le commented :

No way the most radical [Republican] candidate gets nominated in ’16.


The corporate PermaGov-controlled media will not let that happen.

The “most radical candidate” of 2012 from either party…not the most right-wing but definitely the most radical…was Ron Paul.

By a landslide.

And he was extremely effectively buried under a media-produced landslide of mockery, outright lies and non-personing.


1-of or going to the root or origin; fundamental: a radical difference.
2-thoroughgoing or extreme, especially as regards change from accepted or traditional forms: a radical change in the policy of a company.
3-favoring drastic political, economic, or social reforms: radical ideas…


That’s Ron Paul in three phrases.

And therein lies the scam.

The “middle of the road” scam.

Why are the Ratpublicans now being driven towards the tarpits by a massive media movement after being the de facto ruling party for all but 17 years of the last 50?

Because the party failed to adequately suppress its own right wing. Instead, it nominated an unelectable centrist boob who had nothing whatsoever to recommend himself to anyone except his money…the root of which was inherited…and his Northern European racial and cultural affiliations. When he got his ass kicked it opened the barn doors and out poured the nutcase livestock.

UH oh!!! It’s them RADICALS again!!!

An’ these’uns don’t even have a clue!!!

And the orders went out.

They are through!!!

Blackball ’em.

Lowball ’em.

Do whatever you have to do. We don’t want no radicals up in here. Not from either side, and especially not dumb ones who tend to own guns.

Bet on it.

Who’s the next “loyal opposition” to the current Dem winners?

I dunno. But unless the controllers are willing to put a real one-party system into power…something that they might quite easily be able to do with the media mind-control tools at their disposal…it’ll have to be somebody, and it will have to happen fast.

More Ratpubs?

Maybe. But on the evidence of Rubio’s recent little attempt at appearing to be a leader, he ain’t gonna be the man.

Bet on that as well.


Too scary.

And…sorry…too fat as well. The screen adds 10%-20% of weight appearance. I doubt that he can be sold to the skinny-star worshipping American sheeple, and if he was sold, the controllers would have to worry about him kicking over the traces and doing whatever the fuck he wanted to do.

Rand Paul?

Lame like a motherfucker. I would have to see conclusive DNA proof to believe that he is Ron Paul’s son. The acorn not only fell way far away from the tree, it rolled down a long, weak hill and then got stepped on my some heavyweight livestock as well.

I dunno. The controllers have painted themselves into a corner.

Three choices:

1-Media-enforced one party rule.

2-Remake the Ratpublican party while demonizing the radically stupid white right.

3-Get another patsy party up and running. Quickly.

My bet?



That’s what the latest Rove fiasco was all about.

Good work, controllers.

I got yer political genius.

Right here!!!

 photo turdblossom_zps91ca29f9.jpg

Gonna have to do better than that, fellas. One of the problems with media control is that you have to continually upgrade the frontmen and women. Ugly gets tired. Soon. And so does weak.

Oh well…try, try again…