After decades of Silence, the Vatican now speaks out in denial of any complicity by the Catholic Church and Bergoglio in remaining silent durin dictator Videla’s Dirty War on Argentinian people.

New pope’s role during Argentina’s military era disputed

(Guardian) – Bergoglio refused to defrock another priest, Christian von Wernich, who was jailed for life in 2007 for seven killings, 42 abductions and 34 cases of torture, in which he told victims: “God wants to know where your friends are.”

Jorge Bergoglio’s sinful role in Argentina’s ‘Dirty War’

The Argentine Catholic church was shamefully silent in the face of horrific atrocities. Argentine priests offered communion and support to the perpetrators of these crimes, even after the execution of two bishops, including Enrique Angelelli, and numerous priests.

Vatican denies Pope stayed silent during dictatorship

Dutch Queen-To-Be Máxima Zorreguieta and Argentina’s Dirty War

(Daily Beast) – The generals have now long gone, but one of the former cabinet members under the first general, Jorge Videla, agriculture minister Jorge Zorreguieta, has achieved a peculiar sort of fame in his old age. His daughter, Máxima, is now officially the future queen of the Netherlands. And in an effort to bring some justice to the legacy of their relatives, family members of “los desaparecidos,” the disappeared, have lodged a formal complaint in the Dutch judiciary claiming Zorreguieta should be held responsible for his apparent complicity with Gen. Jorge Videla’s regime.  

A NOTE – from my earlier comment.

House of Orange gave it’s name to the Orange Order of Northern Ireland;  the Dutch took care of Republicans at an early stage; Bonaparte was a painful intermezzo; prince Berhard von Lippe-Biesterfeld had great corporate influence he used well to rebuild the industry after WWII, took a little fee from Lockheed; lived long enough to see his grandson marry a Soros trainee . Having the Oranges is almost more fun than the House of Bush in the USA.

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