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Best laugh I had over Easter, another gem by the “investigative journalist” from the stable of Rupert Murdoch, Australia’s very own Mossad spook and backer of Bibi Netanyahu. In the title the ending of the article full of innuendo authored by Louise Mensch. I’ve written about her in an earlier diary here.

Carter Page Went to Moscow With a Tape of Donald Trump Offering Treason For Hacking

    APRIL 16, 2017 ~ PATRIBOTICS (Blog founded in January 2017)

    Sources with links to the intelligence community say it is believed that …

God of the Easter bunnies, how one must be desperate to rate this as a source to explain Trumpgate and the Russian influence with spies inside the NSA, Pentagon, White House and, by default, the President himself.

What constitutes reasonable mainstream opinion | Current Affairs | by Nathan J. Robinson and Alex Nichols |

Louise Mensch is delusional, which is why she gets to write for the New York Times…

For some time, certain  critics have been suggesting that the mainstream press gives a little too much credence to dubious conspiracy theories about Russia, theories which many Democrats have embraced out of their desire to undermine Donald Trump.

Any claim about nefarious doings by Vladimir Putin–for instance, that Russia hacked Vermont’s electric grid , or that the Naked Capitalism blog is Russian state propaganda–is spread widely by pundits without particular regard for the actual substantiating evidence.

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Louise Mensch @ Fox News | Credit: Rupert Murdoch Corp. |

Of course, one may disagree with this. One may believe that the media’s treatment of the Russia-Trump nexus has been sober and reasonable. But a new data point suggests otherwise: The New York Times recently published a piece on Russian hacking by Louise Mensch. And a world where the Paper of Record publishes Mensch is not a world with a sane public conversation about Russia.

Mensch is a British former Conservative MP and chick-lit author who these days spends most of her time on Twitter issuing frenzied  denunciations of imagined armies of online “Putinbots.” She is–and this is no overstatement–one of the least credible people on the internet.

‘No surprise the Tories took a hammering… and nobody is to blame but me’:
Louise Mensch’s mea culpa after Corby by-election humiliation | DailyMail – Nov. 17, 2012 |

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The Corby by-election was triggered after Tory author Louise Mensch quit the Commons in the summer
to move to the US with her family. The by-election result was a damaging setback for David Cameron  

Heat Street’s Louise Mensch tells us how she persuaded News Corp to back a news site with ‘no safe spaces’
Louise Mensch no longer leading News Corp.’s Heat Street | Politico – Jan. 5, 2017 |

Speaking of fools, spooks and trolls … no veracity whatsoever EVER!

PatriBotonics – About Me

Investigative journalism and analysis of the Russian hack on America’s election and related topics. Pro-America, pro-democracy, pro-NATO, pro-Russia, anti-Putin.

Dear Mr. Putin, Let’s Play Chess | PatriBotonics  – Jan. 17, 2017

In 2013, after the Russians received all of the Snowden files, and China some of them, most press coverage concentrated on the traps that terrorists and Russian spies were able to avoid. They missed that Russian hackers would now proceed to use the NSA’s tech offensively.

In 2013, the Russians briefed their army of hackers.

In 2012/13, a young Russian hacker called Yvegeny Nikulin, then 26, was using Snowden’s NSA techniques – stolen credentials – to hack LinkedIn, Dropbox and Formspring.

Formspring, which shut down late 2013, was the app that Anthony Wiener [spelling!] used for his sexting.

Mr. Putin, it is my surmise that some of the Russian moles inside US counter-intelligence work within the FBI’s criminal division, and particularly, within the New York field office.

It is my surmise that your hacker, Nikulin, sent a command buried in a virus earlier transmitted by Formspring to ‘wake up’ that old computer and either find, or place, emails from Huma Abedin on to it, and that you then contacted your moles inside the NYPD/  FBI NY and told them to “suddenly find” emails that, the expectation was, could not possibly be combed through in time before the election.

You used your moles in the FBI Field Office and, in 2016 at the right moment, you woke up Wiener’s laptop via the ‘Snowden Virus’, found or planted old emails on it, and suddenly had the FBI Field Office “find it” and then lean, hard, on Comey to produce the letter he did.

Your RIS moles in the FBI then engaged in some agitprop with Giuliani, Flynn, an innocent Fox News, a not-innocent New York Times who deliberately used its prior authority to rubbish Franklin Foer and David Corn’s Alfa Bank server reporting, to make absolutely certain that “Trump-Russia” was suppressed and Clinton was defeated.

Your agents in the FBI Field Office in New York did, however, make one incredibly stupid mistake. A coder named Dustin Giebel caught it and he flagged it up to me.

The FBI Field Office in New York wasn’t just infiltrated by your agents to scupper Hillary Clinton, Mr. Putin. It was there to guard the money of your billionaires and to cover the tracks of your handlers in the Russian embassy and consulates. That’s why the dead security guard at the Russian consulate never got investigated. You have a lot of people in New York, and they are very affable, pleasant folks, too. I’ve met a couple.

Good reads …

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