I sincerely hope that the FBI (or whatever other spooky Fed options are really handling this investigation) catch the perpetrator(s) and find…and can thoroughly prove… that they were far-right assholes. Seeing as how we are now living in an almost total state of digital surveillance, it shouldn’t be that hard to find them…if of course they weren’t well hidden spooks themselves. If they can’t make a working bomb…provided of course that the devices were supposed to work…they’re likely dumb enough to walk into post offices undisguised and ship the damned things. Probably talked about it online and/or on unsecured phones as well.

But the cui bono question must be asked.

However many bombs…badly made or flat-out fakes, apparently, because none of them have exploded…turn out to have been sent to “Trump critics” (as most of the mainstream, anti-Trump media seems to have been labeling the targets), who profits from this? I personally think that the Democratic Party’s current candidates will get a real, national boost from this foolishness. It will motivate many people who might have been thinking of not voting to go out and cast anti-Trump votes even if they do not much like the Dems being offered to them. Hell…it might even affect the Senate races!!! And that would mean a real Trump impeachment possibility.


We shall see.

Sooner rather than later, I’ll bet.



P.S. And as always, please remember…nothing can be considered totally true in a Post-Truth world. Or alternatively…everything can be “true” if the right sources say so. I mean…maybe Trump somehow so ticked-off the Russians (or simply came to the end of his usefulness to them) that they mounted this farce. Absurd? Yes. But the media could sell it to most Americans in a heartbeat.

Like I said above…watch.

And reflexively believe nothing!!!
P.P.S. I tol‘ ya!!!

Chuck Todd: I Fear The Russians Could Be Behind The Mail-Bomb Scare


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