Due to FOIA requests by media Nieuwsuur/Trouw, the Dutch government published documents on their website for a number of hours which contained top secret names of jihadists groups supported with supplies in military action and human rights abuse.

Foreign Ministry accidentally releases names of supported Syrian groups | Dutch News | [EN]

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Dutch FM Blok unintentionally reveals state secrets about Syrian combat groups | NOS Nieuwsuur / Trouw |

The Dutch aid to Syrian insurgents was explicitly meant for military combat, as can be seen from documents that were requested by Nieuwsuur and Trouw. This contrasts sharply with statements made by Minister Stef Blok of Foreign Affairs in the House of Representatives, where he stated that the aid was ‘civil in nature’. And the government reveals information that has previously been labeled as state secret.

Now it appears that almost all goods supplied by the Netherlands were used by the Syrian insurgents for the military battle. Not only were pick-up trucks used in attack missions, the Netherlands also supplied ‘tactical vests’ for weapons such as the M-16 and AK-47. Furthermore, innocent items such as food parcels, generators and furniture had military value: especially to boost the morale of the fighters. Laptops were used for selecting military targets.

State secret information

In the released documents, moreover, state-secret information appears to be unintentionally present. For example, names of the groups involved are mentioned, information that Blok has been silent about to date. This is now called ‘Levant Front‘ (Jabhat al-Shamiya), a group that was already mentioned by Nieuwsuur and Trouw, but Foreign Affairs refused to confirm.

A new battle group is also mentioned in the documents: Hama Rebels Gathering. This movement was already in the picture at Nieuwsuur and Trouw, but was not mentioned in previous publications due to lack of evidence.  

From my earlier diary in September …

A developing story …

US citizens and its western allies have been LIED to and clouded by military propaganda from their governments. How many deaths did these criminal acts cause in Syria by extending the civil unrest. How many civilians have fled their homes and millions crossed into Europe causing an “immigration” issue which led directly to a conservative movement of white supremacy and a strong shift to right-wing politics across Europe.

Dutch Gov’t Admits Support for Salafist Jihadists in Syria

New research suggests that the Netherlands supported a ‘Terrorist movement’ in Syria | Nieuwsuur – Sept. 11, 2018 |
Seventeen Years After 9/11, US Counts Al Qaeda Among Allies in Syria, Yemen | MintPress |

Yet the Dutch government managed to LIE about the true nature of support, military goods and the names of the jihadist groups fighting the proxy war to overthrow Assad.

From a pro-Syria website, the alternative news and undoubtedly biased views on the events taking place …

The secret documents about the sponsoring of Jihadist groups in Syria, by the Dutch government  


The Dutch government must have had the knowledge since the making of the conflict in 2011, which they called the “Arab Spring”, meaning the destruction of the Middle-east and eventually bring it under control of NATO/US and Israel.

As from 2012 it was clear that the groups (so-called 22) they supported were not “secular – democratic” opposition, but mainly Jihadist groups, who were formed with the help of the US, KSA, Qatar, Turkey and EU countries like the Netherlands.

That is why it’s top-secret the so-called “22” groups who, according, to the Dutch government part of their NLA (Non-Lethal-Assistance) programme. The NLA programme was “lethal”, if you send trucks and army-equipment, you indirectly sponsor war in a sovereign country, which is forbidden under International Law, no reasons can be found to prove the opposite, because, the secular state of Syria, meaning the Syrian Arab Republic, was according my knowledge and most importantly the Syrian people and law, a secular state, were there was no war or repression. Differences were communicated, in a democratic way, at the Assembly and Parliament.

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Dutch involvement in support of the US/UK alliance in Iraq has been reported to be in defiance of International Law.

Dutch Investigation: Iraq Mission Ruled Illegal – January 2010
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KSA financial support teaching Wahhabism in Syria [and the West] for decades …

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My warning in 2015, before the election of president Trump who has sealed US fate with Israel and the Saudi monarchy …

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One can throw the Abu Dhabi emir into the mix of evil on Yemen and the UAE alliance with American rightwing extremists like Erik Prince and Steve Bannon!! Enough sad.

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