Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Never-Trump Republican Rick Wilson provide two good chuckles today.

Frankly, I agree with Mr. McCarthy’s reminder. Our national security is not a game, and House Democrats would do well to listen to the congressman… and keep his party out of power and away from our national security forever.

After all, McCarthy’s party: let 911 happen; let Osama bin Laden get away; told lie after admitted lie about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction to start a war which got thousands of people killed; and then lost the war.

Do we really need to go into how the Republican Party is refusing, to this day, to protect our elections against foreign intervention, while their “president” kisses the ass of dictators and may well be a Russian asset?

In other words, Kevin McCarthy is a bigger boob than a prop in a Woody Allen movie, and his lectures should be met with disdain and mockery.

Meanwhile Rick Wilson continues to demonstrate that he’s in deep need of an intervention.

As they say at the rehab center, “denial’s not just a river in Egypt.”

Wilson likes to claim that Republicans tell him “privately” how much they hate Donald Trump and how the “president” is ruining their already-ruined party. He also likes to portray himself as some kind of “truth teller” who can lead the party out of the darkness. This would be easier to swallow if Wilson hadn’t admitted to losing control “of those tools, the party, and the movement.”

Wilson, a veteran Republican campaign strategist, cops to “a stirring bit of guilt” for his role in creating the “Frankenstein monster” that became the Republican base in the Obama years. “We fed the monster and trained it,” he acknowledges in his book’s introduction. “Then Trump came along. We lost control of those tools, the party, and the movement. The monster is out of its cage.” A true first-person, insider account of the creation and unleashing of the base could have made for a stirring read. But beyond noting that he should have seen it coming — “let’s get this mea culpa out of the way,” Wilson writes — he spends nearly all 300-plus pages of his book blaming everyone else for the outcome of his experiment.

The writer goes on to describe Wilson and his output as “revolting,” which is putting it mildly. So it’s kind of funny to see Rick –a man who made his bones running attack ads tying a Vietnam veteran who lost three limbs in that war to Osama bin Laden– is calling other people stupid for acknowledging a basic fact: the GOP is the party of Trump. Wilson apparently thinks there’s some pathway back, when not a single Republican will stand up to their president because they can’t win without Trump’s base.

Yes, let’s all take listen to the political genius who was so influential he couldn’t stop his party from electing Trump, and can’t convince all those Republicans who “tell him in private” how much they object to his presidency. Wilson’s such a brilliant strategist that now he’s politically homeless! Hope the memories of tearing down Max Cleland keep you warm at night in your cardboard box down by the railroad track, politically homeless guy!

This has been another semi-regular episode of “whistling past the graveyard.”

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