Hello photo lovers!

The series of foto flogs continues on the revamped and revitalized Progress Pond.

The Foto Flog was curated by a lot of people over the years. At one point, they were even themed – Foto Fairs. For now let’s keep it loose. This time around I want to visit some familiar territory. I love taking sunset photos, and with the Autumnal Equinox approaching, I wanted to pay tribute to the end of summer in the northern hemisphere (even if it does not feel like summer is even remotely near an end for many of us). The photo I am presenting is one I took right after a county Democratic Party meeting had ended in early August. The river park area you are looking at was mostly under water just a few months ago. It almost looks like it is back to normal again. Almost. And there are areas still struggling to recover. So as the sun sets on summer, let’s reflect on how our climate is changing and how it is affecting us. I am wondering if one day I will no longer be able to take sunset photos from this spot. I don’t know if any of you specialize in sunset photography, but if you do, post something. Or if you don’t, post something anyway.

Posting photos should be easy. Do you have images hosted somewhere? You should just need an url. Once you place an url of your photo into a comment, your photo should post just fine. No need for any code any more. I host some of my personal photos on Flickr. I think some others use Imgur and find that hosting service satisfactory. Whatever works.

To participate in the foto flogs, you don’t have to be a pro. I am definitely an amateur hobbyist. I’ve been taking tons of photos – mostly of landscapes and cityscapes – since I was in my early teens. Currently, I use my LG ThinQ 40 for everyday use. I do have a 35mm camera that is a good three decades old, although one of my daughters seems to have commandeered that one. I’ve always been impressed with the folks who have posted their work in the past. So, let’s make this come to life. Remember that if this series gets lots of posts, I get motivated, no matter my own physical condition, to create more updates.


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