Hi photo lovers.

Our peak season for fall foliage came late, yet it still persists, much to my surprise. Not sure what I was expecting when we transitioned from July to December in early October. Glad that some trees continued to produce their usual fall colors, but was not sure to expect that under the circumstances. Later in December, I will do my usual photo shoot around the region, once most of the leaves are gone. There is a stark beauty in western Arkansas/eastern Oklahoma region that is often overlooked around the late fall, right before the winter equinox.

I am still using my same equipment, and am no professional. If you are an avid photographer, regardless of your skills and professional experience, you are in good company here.

I have been using an LG v40 ThinQ for the last year. It seems to serve me well, now going on its second year. This series of posts is in honor of a number of our ancestors. At one point, there were some seriously great photographers who graced Booman Tribune with their work. They are all now long gone. I am the one who carries the torch. I keep this going because I know that one day I too will be gone, and I really want the work that was started long ago to continue, rather than fade away with me. If I see that I am able to incite a few others to fill posts like these with photos, then I will be truly grateful. In the meantime, enjoy the photos, and I am sure between Booman and myself we can pass along quite a bit of knowledge about the photo flog series from its inception back during the Booman Tribune days.


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