As Martin, I, and others have pointed out, a lot of the southern states haven’t prepared for COVID-19. Trump and his fellow turds are now freaking out because THEIR voters are going to die. They didn’t care so much about the rest of us:

Trump also grew concerned as the virus spread to Trump country. “The polling sucked. The campaign panicked about the numbers in red states. They don’t expect to win states that are getting blown to pieces with coronavirus,” a former West Wing official told me. From the beginning of the crisis, Trump had struggled to see it as anything other than a political problem, subject to his usual arsenal of tweets and attacks and bombast. But he ultimately realized that as bad as the stock market was, getting coronavirus wrong would end his presidency. “The campaign doesn’t matter anymore,” he recently told a friend, “what I do now will determine if I get reelected.”

As y’all know I have a special interest in Tennessee, given that I decamped the state for the duration. I’ve been watching Governor Bill Lee demonstrate why simply being a businessman who ultimately ran his daddy’s company doesn’t necessarily make you leadership material. Here, the essential Tennessee Holler makes mincemeat of the gov on Twitter, with his own words.

One minute he’s saying “the storm is passing,” the next he’s saying ““We’re concerned about ventilators. We’re in the process of counting. We’re assuming we don’t have enough and pursuing other options.”

And meanwhile, another rural hospital closed its doors

This is madness, and people are going to die as a result. This is going on in every single red state. It will get worse and worse.

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