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It’s another midweek. If you are still in shellshock after the debate Tuesday night, you’re not alone.

We’ll start out with a song that seems fitting for our current times (and it’s nearly 40 years old):

Roger Waters brought the band back together (well the band from his last LP a few years ago) and did some Pink Floyd covers. I’ve always found this particular song timely. We always seem perilously close to midnight. Given the pandemic, the whole Zoom session gig format is fitting:

To the extent that we can get any comic relief at all, I am relieved that Sarah Cooper took a break from some of the cool opportunities that have come her way, and graced us with yet another one of the videos that made her famous this year:

Okay. The bar is open. Drinks are on the house. Do what you can to stay sane. I get the feeling these next few weeks will be a bumpy ride. I will be there with you. Take care, and cheers!

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