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Hi everyone!

It is now not only Hump Day, but we get to follow that up with Turkey Day (and then endless days of leftovers).

With the news that the transition between administrations is now official, it’s time to break out an old classic that I’d hoped to post a bit earlier. We’ll add preliminary good news about covid-19 vaccines to the list of reasons to celebrate and be thankful.

Like many of you, this will be a much different Turkey Day than in the past. It will be just immediate family, instead of a bunch of extended family congregating. I’ll miss my mom’s home cooking, but the hope is that we all avoid the coronavirus and get to celebrate again together when it is safe. Besides, if things start looking safe enough in the summer, who’s to say that Turkey Day in, say, July or August is not acceptable.

I’m thankful to Martin for giving me this space, and for each of you all who drops by and visits for a moment. Take care of yourselves. I’ll do my best to do the same.

The bar’s open, and the jukebox is working.


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