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Hi! Looks like we managed to survive a coup attempt. It’s not over yet. According to the FBI, we’re facing several days starting this weekend of potential insurrections in DC and all 50 state Capitol buildings. So, hey, if you’re on one of the no-fly lists for DC, maybe there’s a MAGA government overthrow cookout near you. The events of Wednesday get worse and worse the more we learn. I was horrified the moment it started unfolding on my TV and computer monitors on January 6th. Trying to find a sense of humor to all of this is a challenge, to say the least. But the pros do their best to try.

Here’s Colbert’s latest monologue:

By the way is it my imagine that Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan look like Beavis and Butthead after they grow up and become the disappointing adults we all expected? In the meantime, I keep wishing Sarah Cooper would figure out a way to do another one of her ingenious Trump lip sync videos on How to Insurrection.

It’s a tough time in the comedy biz. I will say this much. After the pandemic passes, and presumably we still have a democracy (even if it is desperately in need of some serious reform), I hope our late night comedy talk show hosts stick to the casual attire. If I never see another suit and tie again, I think I’ll be just fine with that.

Okay. The bar is open. The jukebox is available. Stay safe and well. Let’s hope we still have a democracy once this next week passes.


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