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I thought I’d recycle a video that I was seeing just weeks before the pandemic changed everything.

I recognize the scenery from having traveled through the Apple Valley/Lucerne Valley area of the high desert of Southern California. There’s a Tove Lo video from around the same time frame that was shot around the same area. Musical artists have taken a real hit during the pandemic. My hope is that they can make the comeback they need. If it’s safe enough, the audience is there, I hope. At least I’ll be buying tickets. I was about to buy tickets to 2020 concerts near enough to me right before it became apparent I should hold off. Then the truth hit the fan (to take some words from former Last Poet, Gylan Kain). If going to gigs gets to be a thing again, I will know we are on the right track, at least on that front. I know there is so much more. Our democracy is still very much in danger. This series isn’t really entirely tied to that. But we can talk.

The jukebox works. The bar is open. If you want to talk, feel free. There are voices I miss tremendously. One takeaway from this last year and a half is that I no longer take for granted the people (including in my virtual spaces) who were part of the fabric of my life. My life was richer with you, and grew poorer as you faded away. I suspect I am not alone in that experience.

Let’s take care of each other.


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