For the fourth edition of the Progress Pondcast, Brendan and I discuss two topics: Boneheads and Bigots. First up is the absolute panic about LGBTQ+ and trans issues gripping the right in this country, with a particular look at recent events in the Central Bucks School District in suburban Philadelphia. This may seem like a local issue that’s not of much interest to you, but it’s really just one particularly nasty example of what’s happening all over the country. In this case, recent school board meetings have been especially contentious, with parents throwing things at each other and accusations about people coming armed.

In the second half of the podcast, we discuss the stupidest man in Washington DC, Kevin McCarthy, and the fine mess he’s made for himself and he tries to figure out a way to keep his gavel and fund the government at the same time. It’s a mission I predicted he would fail back in January when he first won the speakership on the fifteenth attempt.

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