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Howdy. It’s that time of week, and the first midweek of 2024. It has been an eventful day for me, but not in a bad way. Just means I was too busy to even think about something to post until this evening.

I want to introduce you all to a documentary segment about Latvian tape jockeys (yes you read that correctly) from the very late Soviet era. They were enjoying the relative freedoms of the Glasnost era and considerable portions of the segment involve them being interviewed and/or searching for music in the Netherlands. As you know (I hope), Latvia was one of the first to break away from the USSR, along with Lithuania and Estonia. So, their performances were definitely not pro-Moscow, as far as I can tell. And of course they had to deal with Soviet technological limitations, which is why they used the medium they used in the clubs at home.

Enjoy this little slice of history. Cheers.

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