Verizon took over eight days to restore my television and internet after a windy storm passed through the Philadelphia area on January 10 and took out a lot of fiberoptic lines. Their customer service was abysmal. They consistently said they were committed to restoring my service within 16 hours, but the truth is that they should have known from the beginning that it would be many days before they could get to my area. This disrupted my ability to plan, and it was extremely problematic from CabinGirl who also works from home. Just an awful experience, and it doesn’t help that Comcast, which is the main alternative, has an even worse reputation.

I have a lot of built up stress from this experience, and I’m extremely pissed off.

It doesn’t help that I just realized that Zandar passed away in November without me noticing. There are fewer and fewer of us original bloggers left, and I took comfort knowing Zandar was still with me fighting the stupid. His last post mocked Elise Stefanik who is now at the top of Trump’s list for running mates. Everyone should take a moment to think about Zandar’s commitment to the fight. His real name was Jonathan David Mott and he was 48 years old. Here’s his obituary. He was one of the very best at what he did.

I missed quite a lot while I was mostly offline, including developments in the Middle East and the Iowa caucuses. Chris Christie, Vivek the Fake and Asa Hutchinson dropped out of the race. A lot is going on in Congress too, and Trump’s trial schedule is picking up steam. There’s plenty to write about, and I know Jon Mott would have done a great job covering all of it. I suppose I will pick up his banner and carry on as best as I can, both here and on the pondcast.


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