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Happy midweek, everyone!

During my commutes as of late, I have been delving back in to my favorite era of King Crimson, which would have been around 1981-1984, when they released Discipline, Beat, and Three of a Perfect Pair. This is a live version of “The Sheltering Sky” from Discipline, which was released in 1981. For part of the song, Robert Fripp is on lead guitar and Adrian Belew takes on rhythm guitar, and then they switch roles halfway through, allowing the listener to hear the different textures each of these two talented artists had to offer.

Adrian Belew is in the process of putting together a tour in which he and his ensemble (including ex-members of King Crimson) will perform those three aforementioned albums for their fans, old and new. I hope to catch that concert once it gets anywhere near my neck of the woods. I’d first heard Adrian Belew as a sideman for some of David Bowie’s albums, as well as of course Talking Heads. Hearing him as a full band member with King Crimson as a late teen was a revelation, as were his early solo LPs (Lone Rhino and Twang Bar King are my faves).


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