Lt C summarizes in his blog of Mon March 28 2005, his meeting of the Booman Tribune community as follows.


Apparently yesterday was a holiday, well if it was I missed it.  I am getting closer to going home for “Enviornmental Leave”.  Whatever they call it this week, I am glad to be going.  Many of you have asked what my typical day is like.  I really can’t answer that, because there is no such thing as normal here.  Allow me to qualify that, by saying this.  Anytime that there exists the possibility that a mortar, IED, VBIED, or suicide attack against you, that kind of kicks normal in the gut.  So there is no normal here.  

Boomantribune…(a nice blog type site from Ohio.  It is left of center (often way left), but some good readings nonetheless)

I saw a hit from this site on my blog, so I went to check it out, turns out there are some really smart and dialed in people there.  So I posted a comment and offered to answer questions about “the war” from my perspective.  Here is a sample of the shots I took “center mass”.

[Who invited who? – Ed]

SUMMARY ON LT C’s BLOG  – A list of the questions and statements from BT participants

Ok, so my basic response was, those questions are above my pay grade.  And man did I continue to get shot up.  It was the comparrison to the Nazis that really annoyed the hell out of me.  There were many more such questions I didn’t answer, again above my paygrade, and I was getting tired of being beat up by the intelligencia.  The intellectual elite who become so “seemingly” enamoured by their own intellectual prowess that they simply cannot be wrong thus there is no need to listen to the other side.  I am fortunate here in Iraq, in that we can deal with those here who cannot be reasoned with.  But in the US the 1st ammendment guarantees freedom of speech, even when the ability to know when to shut up is lost by diarhea of the mouth and mind.  But, there are some very smart people I came in contact with there, so I shall take my licks and stay in contact with them.  I got beat up in there, but I am still here.  Sucking dust in Iraq, with a perspective on this war, that they the arm chair pundits will never have, but it’s easy to second guess what we do here, when you’re always right.  

I did ask one of them, a very intelligent man, and veteran who has a chip on his shoulder, overshadowed by his enourmous brain.  He is a self proclaimed pascifist.  Where he sees the need for the existance of soldiers as a sad commentary on our society.  Bummer, anyway I asked him if (and I dumbed way down for this one I put it in grunt terms.  I love the infantry these kids are as real as Americans get) any way, I asked him if I punched him in the face, would he just take it?  I am still waiting for an answer…

Well, he can sit on the fence and fight his intellectual fight, me and my guys will just wait for him to fix the worlds problems with talk… Because bullies just love to talk don’t they.  In simplistic terms, that’s what Germany did to Poland in 39…  “Say Uncle!!!”  

7 days until I’m home…


Lt. Currie in Bagdad on March 16, 2005 before start of mission.


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Day or Nite – no problem for Lt C on duty in Bagdad

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See original diary written on Lt Currie:
Iraqi girl’s BIG secret – Lt C is a shill reporter!
by Oui Mon Apr 11th, 2005

    I love this kid  

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