It should be of great comfort those concerned  about the rise of Geriatric Terrorism to know our government is on the job.  As an applicant for a Senior Dining Program that receives government funds, I have been officially notified that my personal information may be released without my permission to the following types of entities. in addition State Human Service Agencies:

Food and Drug Administration
Public Health and Legal Authorities
Military Command Authorities
Correctional Authorities
Workers Compensation Agents
Organ and Tissue Donation Organizations
Funeral Directors, Coroners and Medical Directors
Health Oversight Agencies
National Security and Intelligence Agencies
Protective Services for the President and Others
Law Enforcement/Legal Proceedings as required by law of a valid subpoena
It further informs me I DO have the right to request information about the times they have disclosed our personal information, EXCEPT the information released to the entities named above.

(Does this mean that (shudder), ANYONE could find out I don’t eat four full helpings of vegetables a day?  That could ruin my life.)

Military Command Authorities too? (Just how desperate ARE the recruiters these days?)

I’m also a bit nervous about the Organ and Tissue Donation Agencies knowing too much about the organs I have that are still functional and I can’t for the life of my understand why Funeral Directors would be interested in my diet.

But National Security and Intelligence Agencies, and Protective Services for the President, now THESE I can understand, given the suspicious “chatter”  I hear going on here under the cover of the so called weekly bingo games.  

Yes, I undestand that the risk of Geriatric Terrorism must not be ignored. Personally, being a Patriotic American, I don’t object to any of this, nor to the kind of body pat downs I get at airports when my bionic knee sets off the metal detectors. I really don’t mind rolling up my pant leg in public and showing security (and everyone else watching) my 11 inch scar. It’s for my country, after all.

Have to go now.
It’s time for bingo.

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