“Just who do you think you are, mister? The goddam Pope?!”

Yup, he does. The Pope thinks he’s the Pope. And that being Pope means that he’s above the law. So does the U.S. government and its attorney general, Mr. Gonzales, who now seems more preoccupied with consenting adult pornography — see Alternet’s “Peek: Vagina greater threat than Osama.” And it’s not just Osama who’s had to take a back seat: So have countless boys and girls molested by priests their families trusted.

The United States government has told a Texas court that Pope Benedict XVI should be given immunity from a lawsuit accusing him of conspiring to cover up the sexual molestation of three boys by a seminarian, court documents show.

Assistant attorney general Peter Keisler said in Monday’s filing that, as pope, Benedict enjoys immunity as the head of a state – the Vatican. He said allowing the lawsuit to proceed would be “incompatible with the United States’ foreign policy interests”. (News 24, via JPol)

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