Bush spells it out:

And there should be no doubt in anybody’s mind what I believe a judge — the philosophy of a judge. And Harriet Miers shares that philosophy.

Look, I’m upbeat about the tone of the hearings, but except I’m mindful of the fact that somebody as eminently as qualified as John Roberts did have — half the Democrat caucus voted against him.

She is plenty bright.

She’s been somebody who just quietly does her job. But when she does it, she performs, see.

Somebody asked me about trying to avoid conflict. That’s up to them, to decide how they’re going to treat this good woman. That’s up to them, if they’re going to be willing to give her a fair look at her credentials,

she’s a woman of enormous accomplishment.

I think it’s important to bring somebody from outside the system, the judicial system, somebody that hasn’t been on the bench and, therefore, there’s not a lot of opinions for people to look at.

I’m hopeful she’ll get confirmed, and then they’ll get to read her opinions.

Q Are you still a conservative?


Q Still a conservative?

THE PRESIDENT: Am I still a conservative? Proudly so. Proudly so.

She wears size 6 shoes.

David Frum doesn’t like her.

George Will doesn’t like her. In fact, George Will doesn’t like President Bush much anymore either.

Senator Brownback is skeptical of her.

William Kristol is “disappointed, depressed, and demoralized”.

Pat Buchanan is disheartened.

The freepers don’t like her.

In general, conservatives are cracking up.

Based on all of that extensively impressive information on this nominee, I’d say she really shouldn’t be confirmed or we’ll have an epidemic of exploding conservative heads to deal with and we all know that FEMA can’t handle that type of national emergency right now. It could be an ugly, ugly thing with mass evacuations by liberals from all major cities anxiously hoping to get out before they end up splattered with grey matter (or whatever colour brain matter conservatives actually have). And, with a Republican administration in charge of rebuilding after the spontaneous combustion of so many conservative heads, we just know they’ll stall for years to rebuild the affected communities, thus leaving displaced liberals wandering the country in a hopeless diaspora the likes of which even a scourge of simultaneous hurricanes, floods, tornados, earthquakes and terrorist attacks couldn’t engender.

And, we can’t have that – now can we?

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