Bush, throughout his sorry life,has exhibited the charateristic traits of a nihilist.He wants to destroy everything around him.His purpose is self glorification and to visit vengeance on all those who disparage him.

Does he believe in the American Constitution that he is sworn to uphold? No.He will state he believes in it so long as it serves his purpose.

Does he believe in religion?No.It is another prop for self glorification.

Does he believe in the supply side cure of tax cuts? No. That too is a prop designed to make him look like an economic wizard.

Does he believe in the abortion issue? No.He doesn’t care about the health or well being of women except in so far as it rouses the sheep to think he has profound reverence for human life.

Does he believe in Science and its promise for helping improve the human condition? He does not even have the faintest clue.Evolution simply means nothing to him.So does stem cells.So does Global Warming. He is totally clueless about these topics.

The question I must ask is: Why does he continue to perpetrate this charade when everything about him has become obvious in the past few horrendous years?

I think he is motivated by showing up those people who have merit, education and wisdom.He is out to prove that he, a grifter, can control and dominate those far more knowledgeable and ethical than he ever has been or will be.He will resort to any lie,take steps to assure his win ( in elections or launch wars, propel his agenda) and put on any act to accomplish his purpose.

When I see his face after Katrina or 9/11, it is the face of a man putting on a fast one over his gullible audience.That is the role he is born to play.Professor Tsurumi had him pegged right.And he is out to prove he is better than the Professor Tsurumis of the world.Without having done a single thing to merit our respect or praise.

I got news for Kanye West.Bush doesn’t care about anyone or anything.

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