Yeah, its always great when the right keeps shooting its mouth off about what the liberals or anyone else is doing.  Maybe they aught to come here to Laos and see what the US is doing. Its second secret war, Ethnic Cleansing of the Akha, nice little drug war, killing women and children with starvation and disease so that they can make the world safe from old opium smokers.

Sorry ass place, America, where people fume and rant about their morality, while their goons spread death and policy around the globe so that gas or heroin or what ever will show up the next morning at the same price.

America’s Drug War against the Akha, US missionaries taking away their kids, it all pencils in to their twisted religion. A religion of power, greed, war and ethnic cleansing. Right down to their secret prisons in Thailand.

So for a the little bit of opium that Laos grows, the US iposed its “Zero Tolerance Policy” while forgetting to pick up its bombs, and while opium production whent through the roof in Afghanistan, where US troops are “in control”. Merry Christmas from Uncle Sam, Again.

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