Welcome back!

This week we are continuing with the Victorian home that was the subject of the previous diary.  (Seen directly below.)  The painting was at the stage seen in the second photo below the  at the close of last week’s installment.

This weeks it’s mostly about details.  Victorian structures, like most things Victorian, are full of decorative details.  Excess, excess and more excess. (There’s the old saying that the Victorians decorated the decoration, or something to that effect.)  No Victorian worth his/her salt would accept that less is more.  And so the painting reflects that.  (Although my 15 inch monitor does not clearly show the new additions.)  But I’ve suggested detail without actually painting every small part.

I’m done with those fussy details at this point and am wondering if I’ve put too many in.  I may block out some of the supports for the porch railing.  Otherwise, I’m satisfied with the detials as they are.  (If they aren’t apparent, there are now details under the porch eaves, above the windows and the porch railings.)

Also, I’ve repainted the house in the rear but there are some adjustments left to do.  The lawn and shrubbery have yet to see their final form as does the tree to the left.

I’m continuing to paint in a loose fashion and have not been overly concerned with hard deliniations between objects.  

Well, that’s about all for now.  See you next week.    

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