This is truly a bad Tuesday. First the DOA Democrats show they are as bankrupt as their fellow on-the-take Republicans by voting with them for Alito. We are now stuck with 4 EXTREMIST Supreme Court judges, Scalia, Thomas, Roberts and now Alito, the Fucked Up Four. These walking nightmares will officially steer us toward Neo-Conservatism for the next 30 years.

We also wake up to find we’ve lost Coretta Scott King, a great woman who passed away during the night. She was beloved by millions and will be sorely missed by us all.

America is a lost country and she is marching in the wrong direction. Today’s evidence from is that not only didn’t we kill al-Zawahiri when we bombed our ally Pakistan, we don’t even know who was there.

The airstrike hit a building in Damadola, where U.S. intelligence believed al-Zawahiri had been attending an Islamic holiday dinner. CBS News correspondent James Stewart reports Pakistani officials say the strike killed four al Qaeda leaders — including a man believed to be al-Zawahiri’s son-in-law — but intelligence officials said later they believe al-Zawahiri sent his aides to the dinner in his place. Now, Stewart reports, U.S. officials say they just aren’t sure who they killed that day.

This is who we are now, we don’t know who we killed that day and obviously, we don’t particularly care because you won’t see people lamenting those (mostly) women and children that we blew apart that day, but neighbors say it was a family gathered for a religious holiday. Just pile them on top of the 100,000 plus that we’ve killed in Iraq already and the many thousands in Afghanistan.

America hasn’t even fully come to terms with the fact that these people had nothing to do with September 11th, that’s how in the dark and in denial our populace is. The fact that Bush still has 39% of this nations support as he fucks up everything he touches for 5 long years says something too painful for me about my own country.