When it comes to creating alternative and renewable fuels, Governor Chris Christie is part of the Hell No We Can’t contingent. New Jersey trails only California in its leadership on climate change, but a Republican governor can’t tolerate anything that makes the oil and gas industry uncomfortable. I guess this makes Christie presidential material.

Gov. Chris Christie said Tuesday that he planned to scale back New Jersey’s goals for renewable energy as he looked for an “achievable” approach to generating electricity in the state.

He’s more interested in building three new natural gas plants than in maintaining the momentum New Jersey has built up on clean energy.

His change is part of an overhaul of the state’s 10-year energy master plan, which had been expected since last year, when he asked the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities to evaluate renewable energy targets he found too aggressive. But after his decision last month to withdraw from a multistate trading system, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, environmental advocates called the move another setback undermining the state’s leadership on energy initiatives.

Public hearings will be held on the plan before it becomes final. The revision sets the amount of electricity to be obtained from renewable sources like solar or wind power at 22.5 percent by 2021, down from 30 percent.

His argument is that the previous targets were unachievable and unrealistic. The truth is, he’s just another bought and sold Republican.

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