Well, boo-hoo!!!

Compared to Lanny Davis, Jack Abramoff is a paragon of honesty. If Lanny Davis is moving his lips, the world is at the very moment going dark. If there is a devil, Lanny Davis is his servant. And I’ve got no sympathy for that.

Damn!!! You’d think a big Rolling Stones fan would be more sympathetic to Satan’s go-fers.

I mean…


Really, Booman!!! Which gods do you think ol’ Keithie worships?


Read on for more.

Much more.
Ya mean? You think that Lanny Davis is worse than Emanuel Rahm? President Obama’s Son-Of-A-Bitch in chief?


Sad for ya.

I guess you really are an Obama supporter, eh?

But then…so’s Lanny Davis.

…even if you are a partisan Obama supporter, as I am…

UH oh!!!

Lie down with dogs…

Must get awful itchy down in there, eh? Obama fleas or Clinton fleas? That’s your choice?

When you lie down with dogs, fleas are not the worst of your potential problems.

Obama-Hope you don't get detained

Not by a long shot.

Y’see, Booman, here’s the real problem.

They are all dogs.


What’s that you say?

Emanuel’s OK because he was the good guy’s bad guy as opposed to being the bad guy’s (and/or gal’s) bad guy as Davis is/was for the Clintons?

Man…you better get used to them bad Clinton folks. Your man Obama sure did. Quick like a bunny. He made sure Ms. Clinton remained a superstar. Put her right up there where she could shine and look cleaner than a hound’s tooth, above alla them nasty “politics” an’ all. Now she’s the Dem/PermaGov ace in the electoral hole, y’know. Bet on it. Numbers get too bad and there she’ll be, sitting in the Biden seat, pulling in alla them wimmens ‘n baby boomers, ensuring the fix. Watch. She’ll hunt where she’s pointed until she’s all wore out. Then she’ll be “retired.” Like G. W. Butch. Heard from him recently? Nope. He’s all wore out.

You really think they work for different people. Booman?

Clinton, Obama, Davis or Rahm? Or the various go-fers on the so-called “other” side?



Sons and daughters of bitches, one and all.


It’s just that some hunt for their masters better than do others. And some do different kinds of hunting for those masters.


Let me tell you a story about power. This is a paraphrase of something Gore Vidal once wrote.

Vidal comes from old political money…his grandfather was Senator Thomas E. Gore from Oklahoma (Gore. Ring any bells? It’s a small, small world, ain’t it? Yup.) and his father was connected w/FDR. As a fairly young man…Vidal was a successful author before he was 20…he was invited to lunch at David Rockefeller’s mansion somewhere deep in the New York woods. He was flown out in a helicopter, seated at a sumptuous table laden w/only the finest wines and food, and being a very political and idealistic young man himself, talked politics w/Mr. Rockefeller for some time.

Apparently at the end of the meal Rockefeller decided that he had not made his point sufficiently and said “Gore, I trust you found this meal to your satisfaction?” Vidal answered that it was indeed perhaps the best meal he had ever eaten. Rockefeller then answered “You must understand…I hired someone to cook this meal. That is what politicians do. They cook the meal that they are hired to cook.”

Now that is realpolitik.

Believe it.

We are ruled, though it may be difficult to imagine, by a small dynastic power structure, largely consisting of powerful banking families, such as the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and others. They emerged in controlling the financial system, extended their influence over the political system, the educational system, and, through the major foundations, have become the dominant social powers of our world, creating think tanks and other institutions which shape and change the course of society and modern human history.”-Andrew Gavin Marshall

That about sums it up, right there.

What you are doing?

You’re rooting, Booman.

How ’bout them Yankees!!!

How ’bout them Obamas!!!

Don’tcha just hate them Clintons???!!! I mean…errr, ahhh…them Red Sox???!!!

Same same, Booman.

Same shit, different games.

All smoke and mirrors.

All bread and circuses.