From my diary of December 2012 –  US Foreign Policy, Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood Ploy.

Jordan: US Forces Plan Shield Against Syria

AMMAN, Jordan (AP/ABC News) Oct. 12, 2012 – From the edge of a steep mountain overlooking a desert compound built into an old rock quarry, machine gunfire echoes just outside hangars where U.S. special operations forces are training Jordanian commandos.

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A general view of hangars at a desert military training facility where U.S. forces and a handful of British allies are training Jordanian commandos in Russeifeh, Jordan. (Photo AP/Mohammad Hannon)

The Americans, who arrived in the kingdom a few weeks ago at the request of the Jordanians, are helping them develop techniques to protect civilians in case of a chemical attack from neighboring Syria, according to Jordanian officials.

On the Syrian border farther north, British military officers recently assessed the dangers of rockets constantly falling on the kingdom and ways to shield the Jordanian population and Syrian refugees as President Bashar Assad widens his military offensive against rebel enclaves in the vicinity, according to Jordan-based Western diplomats.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II has repeatedly discussed plans for reinforcing security along the Syrian border and expressed concern over Syria’s chemical stockpiles in meetings with visiting Western allies, according to the two diplomats, who monitor Syria from their base.

Syrian rebels, jihadists [Jabhat al-Nusra] seize regime missile base

George Bush got involved in Iraq doing Israel’s PM Sharon a favor. U.S. decision was in opposition to the Arab League of Nations. President Mubarak stated unequivocally it will open Pandora’s Box and ally Saudi Arabia condemned Bush’s policy on invasion of Iraq. During the Iraq War, the Saudis were sending arms and money to the Sunni insurgents of Anbar province. The ISI transformed into ISIS or ISIL and captured Northern Syria joining rebels and jihadists from most Muslim nations to restore the Caliphate of the Levant. Al Nusra Front fighters were main force to oust ISIS from Aleppo. ISIS fighters controlled the Euphrates river area, a gateway from Iraq into Syria.

    “Out of the main media, I repeatedly read that Free Syrian Army general Idriss has withdrawn to the Syrian-Turkish border. Searching for more news, it appears the FSA has lost the civil war, not defeated by Assad’s Army but by terror groups funded by Saudi Arabia under command of Zahran Alloush. According to several jihadist commanders, “Zahran Alloush receives his orders directly from the Saudi Intelligence Chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan ” and Liwaa al-Islam is Saudi Arabia’s private army in Syria.

    That the Obama administration is divided on Syria policy is clear, now more so as the Geneva II conference is planned for January 22 and there is no agreement as to the opposition delegation. I understand Ambassador Ford is talking to terrorist Zahran Alloush as to his conditions to participate in name of the opposition force in Geneva talks. How completely void of sound thinking by whoever send this envoy to negotiate with this enemy commander.”
    [Source:  Free Syrian Army Defeated, US Entices Saudi Led Terror Group]

Both Prince Bandar and Ambassador Ford have been sacked removed.

Please don’t use ISIS as the new terror boogeyman, as the main Sunni surge is supported by tribal leaders and the Sunni population of Anbar province.

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Putting Our Toe on Syria’s Slippery Slope

I have zero faith in “moderate” forces in Syria right now. Moderate forces sound like forces who run away when confronted by committed fighters.

If it were up to me, I’d spend the money training people in Jordan to protect Jordan.

    Iraqi military officials said Sunday that two border crossings — one with Syria and one with Jordan — had been seized by Sunni militants, in addition to the four nearby towns captured by insurgent forces since Friday.

    The officials said “Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) captured the Turaibil crossing with Jordan and the al-Walid crossing with Syria after government forces pulled out.

Keeping the conflict from spreading within Jordan’s border seem like an effort worth investing in which has some prospect for success. But $500 million for Syria? We might as well just set our money on fire.

Gunmen seize Iraq-Syria border crossing at Al-Qaim

RAMADI, Iraq (AFP) – Gunmen took control of Al-Qaim, the Iraqi side of a border crossing with Syria, after security forces withdrew, police and army officers said. The gunmen were loyal to the rebel Free Syrian Army and Al-Qaeda’s Syrian franchise Nusra Front, which already controlled the Syrian side of the crossing.

Al-Qaim is one of three official crossings from Iraq into Syria.

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