One of the speakers at the Sanders’ rally in Tucson was Bobby de la Rosa.  Ten years old.  Poised, articulate, and amazingly impressive.  Not many eighteen year old boys could deliver such a powerful speech as Bobby did.

I had to know more.  And Here It is
The most ridiculous and cruel action by US immigration authorities that I’ve ever encountered.  Since 2009 Gloria de la Rosa had been denied the right to return to her family and home in Tucson.  Her US citizen husband and four natural born citizen children are given the choice to live in Mexico with her or in the US without her.  Gloria chooses education for her children.

Her eldest son, Jim. completed four years in the marines earlier this year.  He chose not to reenlist, which he wanted to do, because his family needed him.  His elderly and now disabled father requires more assistance than his two younger siblings can manage on their own.

Her second son, Bill, is now studying at Bowdoin College.  On a full scholarship.

Her fifteen year old daughter, Naomi has a lot on her plate.  

“I have two lives, the student life and the mom life.”

Then there’s Bobby.  If the video of the Tucson rally is uploaded, I’ll post the link.  But what he and the rest of his family want more than anything is for Gloria to come home.  How is it possible that nothing can be done to make that happen?  To put an end to this travesty.  This injustice.  For a minor technical violation of the law.  She and her family have already suffered a thousands of time more than the Wall St. crooks, and unlike the crooks, the de la Rosa family didn’t hurt anyone.
Update [2015-10-10 15:23:59 by Marie3]:

Here’s the video: