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Hello music lovers!

This video just dropped yesterday:

I first heard Bat For Lashes a few years ago, as her work was featured on an otherwise pretty mediocre film adapted from an equally mediocre young adult novel, How We Live Now. This newly-released video is a teaser for what hopefully will be a solid album scheduled to drop in a couple months.

It is interesting how some of today’s contemporary indie pop is drawing some heavy inspiration from the 1980s. Many of these artists probably grew up listening to whatever tapes or CDs their parents were playing at the time.

Okay, like last week, the next few weeks involve planes, trains, and automobiles in one way or another. I will be relieved when the travel schedule slows down a bit around mid-July. Until then, I will be trying to set posts up in advance whenever possible and commenting when I am able.

Hopefully all is well among you all in the frog pond.

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