I have been remiss about blogging lately, leaving all the work to Martin. I’m basically tapped-out right now. It’s been a long-ass few months, from getting laid off and the ensuing (ongoing) job search, a kind of intense break up, and summer travel with my kid that culminated in my truck dying in the middle of New Hampshire, to a pretty major leg/back injury that’s required physical therapy (dry needling, my friends, is no joke), and a steady stream of gigs since arriving back in Nashville.

On top of all that, I often don’t know what to say that hasn’t been said. Everything is fucked up and bullshit, as the kids say these days. Life feels more and more like Sartre’s No Exit and documenting the atrocities feels more futile everyday.

Anyway, pardon the absence. I’ll try to get back on my game soon.

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