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We’ll start things off with Seth Meyers with a very recent Closer Look segment on the USPS:

I know Trump seems to have his share of Lukashenko envy. After all, it must be pretty swell to control all the levers of power in such a way that elections end up meaningless. Well, until people get pissed off enough to begin mass rioting. We’re not quite at Belarus level election rigging, but we definitely cannot be even remotely complacent over the fact that the White House Occupant has essentially given up on winning a majority.

And let’s throw in some Stephen Colbert as well, now that’s back from break:

Alright. The bar is fully stocked and the drinks are on me on the following conditions: you have to contribute 25% of the cost, you must agree to do so in advance, and there is this little matter of that nondisclosure agreement to take care of.

Have a great Wednesday and week.

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