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Hey everyone! It’s another day ending in Y. Somehow I managed to leave the last cafe and lounge in draft mode for a couple days. Oops. I will try not to repeat that again.

Sarah Cooper is graced TikTok and Twitter with her latest impersonation, this time of Don Jr.:

John Oliver is back explaining WHO and its importance:

Seth Meyers has fun covering Trump’s continued meltdown:

Now if Trump is serious about leaving the country, we’re here for it. I hear that Siberia is very lovely in January.

While I’m at it, I’ve become a fan of Brent Terhune this year. I’m wishing I knew about his comedy before this year, but better late than never. Someone else I followed on Twitter quote tweeted a video of Brent’s and added some comments about being outraged by whatever it was Brent was up to that day. Folks really ought to read the bio before they get outraged. He’s a comedian. Satire is his thing. And he does it well. His impersonation of a MAGAt is hilarious, especially for those of us who’ve spent significant parts of our lives in the South or were otherwise raised Southern. Here’s his latest:

Alright y’all. Going to end on that note. Bar’s open. Drink responsibly. The jukebox really works now. Give it a whirl.


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