Let us join hands and consider for a moment the insanity revealed in the following Maggie Haberman tweets concerning a former president of the United States.

There are four basic reasons why Trump would do this.

1. He’s attempting to ensure that as many of his supporters as possible will see him as the legitimate president so he can increase the odds that at least one member of any jury will refuse to convict him of crimes, even in unfriendly jurisdictions like Manhattan, Atlanta, or Washington DC.

2. He’s attempting to foment a violent uprising that will result in him coming to power as a dictator, largely because he sees no other way to keep himself and members of his family from landing in prison.

3. He’s still acting under the influence of Russian blackmail and following instructions to do maximum damage to America’s faith in and reputation for democracy.

4. He’s genuinely insane.

I don’t think we have to choose just one.

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