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Welcome back! It’s the first mid-week of 2023, and wow is it a time to be alive. If you’re tired of doom viewing or doom scrolling whatever is going on in the news, this space is for you.

My musical tastes are very eclectic (to say the least), as you all have found out since I started this series over at Booman Tribune several years ago. This time, I’m going to pay another tribute to my musical roots by posting the video that was used to promote the first David Bowie single I would buy. It did well on the UK charts but just missed the top 100 on the Billboard Pop chart.

I got turned on to a number of recording artists thanks to this single and the LP Lodger: in particular Adrian Belew (who was on lead guitar) and Brian Eno (who played a plethora of oddly named electronic instruments). To say that songs like this were life-changing for a then-early teen is a bit of an overstatement perhaps, but I did start paying a lot more explicit attention to some artists who were willing to experiment.

In the meantime, feel free to drop in and say hey. Cheers!

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