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I’ve been revisiting the past a lot in recent months. I finally got a Spotify account, and instead of creating playlists like a typical user would do, I’ve added albums to my library, and listen to them as I would have back in the day. This track is from one of the first LPs I bought way back in the day. I’d already heard enough Police on the radio to know that I’d like them. Zenyatta Mondatta was a solid album all the way through.

The lyric itself is fairly basic, with a hint of wistfulness. The music is the real centerpiece here. The band was truly in sync, and it really gives the members some space to show us what they could do – especially Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland.

One thing to note: I will be out of town at a worksite and do not know if I will have time to post. I honestly have barely had time when I am not on the go. It’s been one of those years. As always the bar is fully stocked and the jukebox is limited only by your imagination. Cheers!

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