Lawrence O’Donnell, on tonight’s The McLaughlin Group, apparently said something along the lines of:

… the source of-for Matt Cooper was Karl Rove, and that will be revealed in this document dump …

More below the fold:
I looked for any other diaries about this statement, apparently just thrown out there.  I was unable to find any, and will remove this if I am mistaken.

I have seen this posted at DailyKos , Atrios, and Catch which provides this:

Tonight on The McLaughlin Group Lawrence O’Donnell named Karl Rove as the Valerie Plame outing source. O’Donnell said that he expects to be subpoenaed for disclosing Rove was the rotten fucker whispering CIA secrets into Matt Cooper’s ear.

The rest of the panel barely reacted, even after O’Donnell loudly repeated his claim into McLaughlin’s good ear. Tony Blankley released more wind, and Pat Buchanan’s complexion turned from code red to code redder. Barbara Slavin was sitting in for Eleanor Clift, she put aside her crossword puzzle, and placed her right thumb to her ear and her pinky to her lips, while mouthing into the camera, “Olaf, call me.”

I find this to be just fascinating stuff, and opens up a whole new spin in my brain about why Rove has crawled out from under his rock lately.  Is it to rally the base around him specifically?  I don’t think Bush can pardon before a trial (Ford’s pardon of Nixon may disprove this).

Anyone else have some thoughts?  The Mclaughlin Group does not have transcripts up yet.

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