OK, that was awful.  But my optimism is bubbling back up.  There really is some good news.  Really.  Here are my crumbs, and I’d sure like to see some more crumbs of you’ve got’em.

(1) more than half of the Democrats voted against cloture.  They weren’t planning on it last week.  They knew they were ging to lose the vote.  But they did it anyway.  Why?  May heart whispers, for us.

(2) We went from 0 votes for filibustering to 25 – in a few days.  Imagine if we bore down for a week?  Or a month?

(3) The vote wasn’t as lopsided as it looked.  Once a leader realizes he doesn’t have the votes, he releases the people who were willing to go along but didn’t want to.  He probably got into the thirties, but just couldn’t get past 40.

(4) Some of these weak Democrats may be looking to get back in our good graces.  The wiretapping hearings, maybe?

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